Emu Ridge Eucalyptus, 691 Willsons Road, MacGillivray

Welcome & Note

May 3rd

Due to your wonderful support for our Kangaroo Island Ciders Boutique Craft Cider Business, Bottles of last year’s vintage of Original, Vintage and our Non Alcoholic Apple Sparkler have sold out till the new vintage is ready in August.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience and again thank you for your support.

Bottled Sparkling and Draught are still available for tasting and purchase and the Apple Sparkler is available on-tap only here at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus

Come to Emu Ridge Eucalyptus and try our Ciders! 

Just up the road from our Orchards is Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery, Shop, Cafe and Cellar Door.

Easily accessible, just off one of the main roads on the Island, Emu Ridge Eucalyptus offers a wide range of attractions interesting for all. The only remaining Eucalyptus Oil Distillery in South Australia, you can explore the making of Eucalyptus oil from the past to the present, taking in a free-video explaining the history and then a tour to see how things have changed.

Hear about and try a wide range of natural Australian oils and cosmetic products made from Australian bush product before then relaxing and enjoying a fine food experience........................... 

...accompanied by our Ciders of course!

Mary, Bev Turner, Graham & Larry Turner


2012 - Our official launch was held at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus in November 2012

We have had a long association with Emu Ridge. Graham and Larry Turner met at an essential oil seminar in Adelaide in 1993. Graham helped Larry with the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus research program, looking at selection of Eucalypts, native to the property, for oil quality, yield and disease resistance. Through that work, we fell in love with Kangaroo Island and purchased a property near Emu Ridge where we started with our first orchard planting in 2004.

If you cannot decide where to start .... then may we recommend you try one of our Tasting Paddles!

A solution to your dilemma....four of our ciders in one serve!

Try our first cider, the medium dry Colony Cove Original and then the medium sweet Colony Cove Draught Cider followed by our Colony Cover Vintage and finally a refreshing alcohol-free Colony Cove Apple Sparkler to cleanse the palate.

Depending on your taste you can also now try our Original and Draught icy-cold from our draught pump ......the perfect accompaniment to a light snack or meal from the Emu Ridge Cafe.

In 2011, we introduced our first cider, the medium dry Colony Cove Original and then in the following year, the medium sweet Colony Cove Draught Cider. The success of these led to our formal launch as a business. Now with over 30 varieties and more than 600 trees to blend from, our range now extends to four ciders and a sparkling apple juice.

We have won many awards and received significant recognition for our Cider-making ..... a provenance we are proud of.....but nothing can replace the pleasure of simply tasting an authentic, clean and all natural Kangaroo Island Cider for yourself......

So, come and try them whilst relaxing & enjoying the view, watching the world go by at Emu Ridge Eucalyptus!